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My name is Steve Jeffrey. I am a storyteller. The foundation of my work is the photos that tell a story. My goal is to help people remember feelings, teach some new skills, or simply create and capture a life moment through visual storytelling.

I love the world around me. I see poetry and stories in every moment. Photography captures that moment for me, and I am sure I can for you too. Take a look at my portfolio to see if there is anything you like, or if any of the images conjure a scene you would like to be part of.

Storytelling is my passion. Written, spoken, and photographed. I’m inspired by photojournalism and random acts of kindness. My goal is to help people remember,understand, teach, showcase, market or simply feel something through visual storytelling.

My favourite part of photography is capturing that moment that will never ever occur again. Whether that is between people, the way shadows frame a face, or an impromptu single or multi person session.

I am lucky to have spent much time in my life around exceptionally talented artists, artisans, and photographers. They have contentiously inspired me to get just a little better every day. They have helped me to develop every day life stories into photographs.

I have been capturing life in photographs since 1970. I have spent time as a studio photographer, nature photographer, press photographer, and now am spending time as a mentor.

Based on the size and budget of your event or project, we find a solution I would love to chat so we can craft the best experience for you!

Whether we are in the studio, on location, or in a workshop, i know that you will be at ease.

Telling life’s everyday stories and capturing life adventures with photographs.

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