Wheatland County supplies the power needed to keep the region moving!

We are a major natural gas producer and are diversifying into the new energy sector. New energy (sustainable aviation fuels, hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and synthetic fuels) is a target sector for the county.

Our vision is become a energy and petrochemical hub for the Calgary region!

Oil and Gas

With approximately 8,000 wells, the oil and gas industry is part of the county’s economic backbone. Companies represented include Ember Resources, Lynx Energy, Persist Oil & Gas, and Torxen Energy.

Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels operates a gas-to-liquids facility that converts natural gas into synthetic fuels and hydrogen.

New Energy and Hydrogen

Wheatland County has invested resources in developing a new energy cluster. We have developed a roadmap and done extensive engagement with industry. We have abundant natural gas and renewable feedstocks, access to major highways and rail, close proximity to Calgary International Airport and opportunities for carbon sequestration. Wheatland County is the ideal location to build a hydrogen or sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production facility.

Carbon Capture and Storage

The Government of Alberta has selected the East Calgary Region Carbon Sequestration Hub (proposed by Reconciliation Energy Transition Inc.) as a location to develop a carbon storage hub. This hub is located in the territory of Wheatland County.

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Renewable Energy

Wheatland County hosts a number of renewable energy projects.

The county is home to the East Strathmore Solar Project—a 26 MW solar development as well as several other projects from 13 to 150 MW at various stages of development.

The Wheatland Wind Project is a 122.4 MW wind generation project that produces enough power for more than 50,000 homes.


  • Sustainable aviation fuels
  • Hydrogen production
  • Petrochemical production
  • Supporting industries
  • Renewable Natural Gas