Water and Wastewater

Wheatland County operates potable water plants at Speargrass/Carseland, Gleichen, and Rosebud. The county also operates sewage treatment facilities at Carseland, Gleichen, Cluny, and Rosebud, while other areas are serviced by well or cistern and private septic systems.

The county is also investing in an industrial water line in the Goldfinch area and there is the possibility to connect to this line. The current plan is to install a line with a total capacity to supply 1,355 acre-ft/year (4,579 m3/day) to the Goldfinch area.

Water for industrial purposes can also be obtained from the Western Irrigation District (where there is access to their distribution system) and stored in an onsite reservoir.


The main electricity supplier in Wheatland County is FORTIS. For more information on electricity services, visit the Alberta Utilities Commission website.

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Natural Gas

Natural gas in Wheatland County is provided by the Rosebud Gas Coop, Rocky View Gas Coop or ATCO depending upon location. The area serviced by each natural gas provider can be seen at the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops website.

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All areas of the County can get access to fixed wireless and LTE. Providers include Bell, CCI Wireless, Shaw, Telus, and Xplornet. Starlink satellite internet is also available in Wheatland County.

In 2022 Wheatland County announced a partnership with Shaw Communications in bringing broadband connectivity into selected rural areas on the west side of the county. The industrial build will be completed by the summer of 2024.

Shaw will provide a fibre network solution to the West Hwy 1 industrial area, Goldfinch industrial area, connect fibre to the home for residents in Cheadle, and construct a connection point within Carseland for potential future residential services.

Wheatland County’s Rural Broadband initiative will provide a reliable and scalable high-speed network, with broadband speeds and capacity capable of supporting diverse business needs. Wheatland County’s industrial areas will allow business customers to leverage Canada’s fastest fibre network speeds, while also increasing the possibility of future network expansions into residential areas.

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