A New Look for Wheatland County!

In December 2023 Wheatland County Economic Development launched the Invest in Wheatland website (www.investwc.ca) and branding.

The new website is the culmination of a long period of research on good exemplars and drafting of copy that is brief yet concise. We also hired a contractor to get aerial images that capture the scope and size of our industrial areas. The website has replaced the Infinite WC and is focused on providing the information needed by site selectors and corporate executives to easily make an informed choice about our county and its value proposition.

Invest in Wheatland is intended to be a one-stop shop with information on our value proposition, site selection factors, industries, and communities at your fingertips. Our information is backed up by data and maps that quantify our value proposition.

We are also developing a public business directory where Wheatland-based businesses can self register.

According to LocalIntel when speaking about the marketing funnel:

“The awareness stage begins when you get the attention of the site selectors, corporate executives, investors, and businesses you are trying to attract. This stage is critical because it’s where they are first introduced to the strengths and advantages of your location. It’s also the stage where you can start building the case around what sets you apart from competing communities.”

How the Economic Development Marketing Funnel Drives Business Attraction (ecdev.org)

The intention of our new website is to start the conversation with potential investors and answer the initial “Why” question. It is also a highly professional and polished site that we can direct the public to with confidence.

Going forward we will continue to hone our message and make updates as needed.

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